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Listing Guide

Published | Written by Cheryl Fowlkes

Are you a home owner wondering:

  • What could my home sell for?
  • What is the process to list and sell my home?
  • Why do I want an agent to help me?

We have a packet that will explain the process - see the link below..  There are lots of things that sellers can do to make their home more attractive to a buyer: staging, landscaping, kitchen & bath updates, paint, flooring..  Before you consider spending a lot of money making changes to your home, reach out to us!  We want you to be sure what your planning on doing will actually give you a return on your money and add value to your home.  I tell sellers that sometimes it not worth doing if it won't bring them any added value to their home.  A lot of buyers like to make it their own and some want it ready to move in - what category is your home?? 

We are here to help so give us a call/text/email and let us know what you need!!



Cheryl Fowlkes




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