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Top Agent Magazine Article - Nov 2018

Published | Written by Cheryl Fowlkes

Top Agent Cheryl Fowlkes - Owner/Broker at Superior Town & Country Realty in the Austin, Texas area – has spent the last thirteen years building an impressive reputation as a trustworthy real estate advisor. Cheryl’s focus on honesty, integrity and excellent customer service has translated into a successful business that continues to grow, year after year.

Cheryl began her journey in the world of real estate in 2005, following a twenty-six-year career working in corporate America. “I’d always been looking forward to changing careers, and doing something that would give me more freedom to work with the kind of people I’d prefer to work with, and to maintain the ethical values that I was raised with,” explains Cheryl. “One day, a friend of mine suggested we attend a real estate conference. I’d always been interested in homes and buildings and ranches and land, so I agreed. We loved it, and I saw that it would be a great opportunity for me.” Initially beginning her career in California, she and her family moved to the Austin area eleven years ago.

Though Cheryl primarily serves the Austin area, she tends to venture out further than much of her competition because of her expertise selling ranches and land. Overseeing a team of five equally dedicated agents, Cheryl can boast of having a business that is based eighty percent on repeat clients and referrals, a sure indicator that she is making her clients happy. “I think it has a lot to do with the relationships I build with my clients,” says Cheryl, when asked to account for that exceptional level of loyalty. “They’re more like family and friends than clients, really.”

If there is one thing that truly sets Cheryl apart from her peers, it would be the time she takes to make sure her buyers and sellers are fully educated about the transaction process. “It’s important to really help them understand what they’re getting themselves into,” says Cheryl. “I walk them through it personally, and I’m there for them every single time they have a question.” She is also deeply committed to going the extra mile, even in the most difficult circumstances, as when a land sale was held up for a year following surveying issues. “Most people would have thrown their hands up in the air and walked away,” says Cheryl, “but we kept the buyer engaged; we kept them informed. I hand-walked my client through it and in the end it wound up being a very big success for them.”

Savvy, cutting-edge marketing has also played an important role in Cheryl’s success. Professional photography, videos, staging when needed, and high-tech Matter Port floor plans are all tools in her arsenal that she utilizes to great effect, making sure that her properties are always seen in their best light. Cheryl has also embraced technology, and to that end she utilizes five MLS systems, and employs social media strategies to ensure that her listings are seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

 Though the financial rewards of a career in real estate are not inconsiderable, when asked what she enjoys most about what she does, Cheryl points to the more personal side of the industry. “I really enjoy seeing the smiles on my client’s faces when they either get the home they want or they’ve been able to sell their home and move on to the next chapter in their lives,” she says.

Looking to the future, Cheryl’s plans are fairly straightforward: to continue growing her business, while sacrificing none of the amazing customer service that has become her calling card. “I’m not looking to have a huge company,” says Cheryl. “I just want good, solid agents with good values, and I really want to always do what’s right for the clients.”

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